I’m Sean O’Toole — the Libertarian candidate for Missouri State Treasurer. I grew up in Minnesota and moved to Kansas CIty, Missouri in 2004. I’m Director of IT for U Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas. Prior to my entry into information technology, I spent 25+ years in agricultural, energy and financial derivatives trading. I’m a past member of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange and the Kansas City Board of trade and I remain a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. The majority of my trading career was spent as an independent exchange member specializing in options trading.

During my early years in trading, I spearheaded an effort to create a new commodity futures exchange in Minneapolis. Our four year journey from concept to being granted our license to operate by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission was a nonstop lesson in government bureaucracy and regulatory malpractice. I owe much of my libertarian political philosophy to those four years.

My transition from finance to technology was a homecoming of sorts. I began my college career in 1979 as a physics major before finding myself enamored with economics and the study of markets and incentives. If elected as Missouri’s first Libertarian State Treasurer, I’ll likely be one of the very few state treasurers in the country with practical and theoretical experience and understanding of the financial markets and the arcane instruments that effect the retirement savings of our state’s public employees.